Logan: Hugh Jackman would have liked a different ending

Cinema 16 March, 2017

Hugh Jackman lived his last adventure in the skin of Wolverine in Logan. Was he in agreement with the end of the film?
CAUTION – If you have not seen Logan yet, this article contains quite important spoilers and we would not want to spoil you the end! Still there, you could not resist and you rushed into the dark rooms to discover Hugh Jackman’s latest adventure as Wolverine . A film directed by James Mangold that will remain engraved in our minds, so it was cool, although the end was not frankly a Happy Ending. Yes, Logan dies after an impressive battle, under the tears of X-23 aka Laura his daughter. A rather difficult end to watch that was not necessarily the first choice of Hugh Jackman who told Yahoo: “L ‘
He continues : “But I said ‘let’s stay open, maybe the end will be more powerful if he lives … James was always certain about how the film was to end and finally he was right. Unlike a human figure, this is what is most poignant for someone supposed to be invincible, to die and to say to each other ‘that’s what it is’ . ” We agree, the end of Logan is hyper-striking and the scene was worthy of the mutant, a beautiful end offered to this emblematic character. In addition, the end of Logan had already been teased in The Wolverine so it would have been a shame to change it! What did you think of the end of Logan?