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Wonder Woman: An original story as fun as powerful, our critic!

Here it is ! Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, arrives today on our screens in her own film. So, does the super-hero show up to our expectations? ...

7 June, 2017
Justice League: Joss Whedon replaces Zack Snyder, good or bad news?

Joss Whedon will replace Zack Snyder at the head of the Justice League. Good or bad news for the film? Melty answers this question!
Spectators ...

25 May, 2017
Justice League: Superman back on a new poster

So far to absent subscribers, Superman is finally back on a new poster of Justice League. The team is now full.
Better late than never ! While ...

24 April, 2017
Justice League: Actor of Game of Thrones joins the cast!

A new actor is added to the already well-packed Justice League cast and it comes straight from the Game of Thrones series.
It is one of the most ...

20 April, 2017
Justice League: A cult battle of the comics presents?

And if Justice League, a great super-heroic meeting of the DC Comics team, staged a cult battle of a Jack Kirby comics?
While awaiting the release ...

12 April, 2017
Batgirl directed by Joss Whedon, Lindsay Morgan (The 100) in the lead role?

This is the news that excited all fans DC Comics last week, a film about Batgirl would be in preparation with none other than Joss Whedon at the ...

3 April, 2017
The Flash Season 3: Episode 18, Barry decides to go in the future, our critic!

While the episode 18 of season 3 of The Flash has just been broadcast on the CW, let us return together on the main events that marked "Abra ...

29 March, 2017
Justice League: What is the relationship between Batman and Superman?

Batman and Superman are not frankly left on the best terms. So, a little question arose about the relationship they could have in Justice League! ...

22 March, 2017
Justice League: What role for Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons)?

Jim Gordon will finally appear in the DCEU thanks to Justice League and JK Simmons. But what will be his role in the film? The actor confided in this ...

20 March, 2017
Justice League: One of the producers of DCU does not want original stories for heroes

No original stories for the heroes of the Justice League? It seems that this is DC Comics' decision for this super-heroic meeting!
Could this be ...

17 March, 2017
Logan: Hugh Jackman would have liked a different ending

Hugh Jackman lived his last adventure in the skin of Wolverine in Logan. Was he in agreement with the end of the film?
CAUTION - If you have not ...

16 March, 2017
Gotham City Sirens: Can we expect a Rated-R movie?

With the success of Deadpool and Logan, will the spin-off dedicated to Harley Quinn follow the trend by being Rated-R?
The box office smiled at the ...

15 March, 2017
Justice League: Three roles that Colin Farrell could interpret

Recent rumors mention the presence of Colin Farrell in Justice League ... But what role the actor could interpret well?
It often happens that ...

15 March, 2017
Justice League: What connections with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs Superman?

While DC Comics and the Warner attempts to create a movie universe, what connections will the Justice League have with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs ...

11 March, 2017
Justice League: Details on the role of Darkseid unveiled!

It was only a rumor so far, but it's now confirmed: Darkseid will be part of the game in Justice League and details about his role have been ...

9 March, 2017
Batman: Joe Manganiello “Deathstroke is exactly what I was looking for”

For Joe Manganiello, no doubts: the role of Deathstroke that he will endorse in the film Batman is the one he was looking for!
Notably known for ...

9 March, 2017
Wonder Woman: 15 minutes of the film unveiled, the role of Batman and the 3 confirmed villains

Fifteen minutes of Wonder Woman were unveiled to some media, who were able to get to know the three villains of the film and even discover the role ...

7 March, 2017
Justice League: A more deadly batmobile than ever

The Batmobile has a new look for Justice League and it was Zack Snyder himself who unveiled it to fans of DC Comics!
DC Comics fans are looking ...

7 March, 2017
Gotham season 3: 3 proto-villains that we could meet in the next episodes!

Season 3 of Gotham is currently experiencing a long hiatus! Meanwhile, discover 3 proto-villains that we could see in the next episodes!
Who will be ...

14 February, 2017
Justice League: Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg ready to battle on new photo

Already full of mysteries, Justice League intrigues us even more with a new photo that appears a very strange place, and without Batman and The ...

6 February, 2017
Batman: What if the Deadpool director directed the film?

Kevin Smith, director and author of comics, would see the Deadpool director direct the film Batman.
It was a bad news month for fans of DC Comics: ...

5 February, 2017
Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland reveals a reference to Batman in the film!

Marvel and DC Comics, two rivals who love each other! Tom Holland revealed that in Spider-Man Homecoming, a reference to Batman slipped into the ...

21 January, 2017
Justice League: Zack Snyder shares a picture of Batman costume

As the release of the Justice League approaches, Zack Snyder has shared a new picture of the costume of the Black Knight: Batman.
Since the first ...

20 January, 2017
Justice League: Jason Momoa (Aquaman) reveals the person he prefers in the Team

Let it be said, everyone has their favorite in the Team of Justice League. Even Jason Momoa, alias Aquaman, who did not hesitate to unveil his little ...

16 January, 2017
Justice League: Team ready to fight on new photo

The release of Justice League is approaching and fans can now discover a new photo with the team ready to fight!

The most famous heroes of DC ...

12 January, 2017
Wonder Woman: The villain of the film confirmed?

Invited to the shooting of the film, the magazine Studio Ciné Live was able to glean some information. And the main villain might well be part of it. ...

11 January, 2017
Batman: The film victim of a new blow?

The development of the Batman film is a bit on the move at the moment. And if the rumors of a new blow are confirmed, it could take a long delay!

10 January, 2017
Star Wars 8, The Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Beauty and the Beast … the most anticipated films of 2017!

What films will we watch in 2017? As the choice is vast, here is a small list of the productions that we expect the most to discover in theaters. And ...

31 December, 2016