Batman: Joe Manganiello “Deathstroke is exactly what I was looking for”

Cinema 9 March, 2017

For Joe Manganiello, no doubts: the role of Deathstroke that he will endorse in the film Batman is the one he was looking for!
Notably known for Magic Mike and True Blood , Joe Manganiello will soon play the super-villain Deathstroke in the movie Batman (who found his new director) . But for the actor, this choice is not due to chance and this role is exactly what the latter was looking for from a recent interview. Questioned by Robert Irvine Magazine, Joe Manganiello explained “There are several superhero and super villain roles that have been offered to me but that was not what I wanted. Deathstroke is the perfect role, Search ” . Needless to worry about the appearance of this villain in Batman: the actor himself thinks that the latter suits him!
Joe Manganiello then explained “This is my character, an exciting character, and I have the ability I think of offering a great villain” . What reassure the fans who would be afraid of a super-villain a little too minor to face the famous black knight . It must be said that there was something to be worried since after the departure of another director of the Batman project , the film seems finally on the tracks under the direction of Matt Reeves. But before discovering the new reboot of the hero (after having been explored by Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton) it will be necessary to wait a little more since Batman is planned on our screens only for the ” Year 2018 after Justice League or Wonder Woman . What do you think of this interview?