Gotham City Sirens: Can we expect a Rated-R movie?

Cinema 15 March, 2017

With the success of Deadpool and Logan, will the spin-off dedicated to Harley Quinn follow the trend by being Rated-R?
The box office smiled at the Rated-R superhero movies like Deadpool last year and Logan earlier this month, enough to give ideas to movie studios. If the Marvel universe does not venture into it, it may be the opposite for the DCEU. If the previous films Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad had in common being edited to avoid too much raw language and violence, it may not be the same with this spin Off. The studios would have everything to gain from going in the direction of Deadpool with this film! While Gotham City Sirens is still in search of his casting – the actress playing Catwoman might even have been revealed – the classification also has its importance.
Harley Quinn is a complex and versatile character whose Suicide Squad has just touched the surface. Actress Margot Robbie confessed herself to appreciate the unpredictable and complex side of her character. Even though the soft humor of the former psychiatrist has been a hit with the public, he still has many things that could be developed about his art of manipulation, his taste for crime and violence or his sexuality. And let’s not forget that she will be accompanied by Catwoman, Poison Ivy and possibly the Joker, which would explore their relationship and the madness that characterizes them when they are reunited. Not to mention the villain of the film Gotham City Sirens teased by David Ayers who should be the ” Ruthless Black Mask, a gathering of personalities that it would be good to see evolve with as few constraints as possible. And for that, the classification will certainly be the key to the film. Would you like the movie to be Rated-R?