Justice League: One of the producers of DCU does not want original stories for heroes

Cinema 17 March, 2017

No original stories for the heroes of the Justice League? It seems that this is DC Comics’ decision for this super-heroic meeting!
Could this be the end of origin stories? While the way Spider-Man gets its powers should be absent in Homecoming , Justice League could take the same route. One of the DCU producers, Charles Roven, announced it in an interview for ComicBook “We hope you will not see in our films: win powers, fight bad guys !”. One way to say that the usual pattern of superhero movies , often adopted by Marvel Studios, may be abandoned here. It must be said that The Flash and Aquaman are likely to ”
The only heroine that will escape this pattern of origin stories? Wonder Woman (hyper-powerful in the new trailer) . It must be said that the women in the foreground in the world of superheroes (in the cinema) are rare and that production finally wants to give them visibility thanks to, among others, Wonder Woman. Charles Roven says he sees the opportunity to “mix the mythology of his past and the present” and thus further thicken the DCU. A cinematic universe that has fallen far behind the MCU, already started in 2009 with Iron Man but, if it happens to conquer the spectators , should quickly succeed in winning. What do you think ?