Justice League: The film completely changed after new scenes shot?

Here's a rather confusing story! According to recent rumors, Justice League would have returned so many times in shooting that it would have been ...

17 May, 2017
Justice League: What connections with Wonder Woman?

If it will be necessary to wait until November to discover the film Justice League, it could well be teased before, in Wonder Woman. Find out how! ...

9 May, 2017
Justice League: The team united on a new bright poster

The Justice League returns today almost completely on a new poster of the film. And be careful, if it has a very epic side, it is also very bright! ...

15 April, 2017
Justice League: One of the producers of DCU does not want original stories for heroes

No original stories for the heroes of the Justice League? It seems that this is DC Comics' decision for this super-heroic meeting!
Could this be ...

17 March, 2017
Moto Z, Moto Z Play: 3 tricks and tricks that will change your life!

Moto Z and Z Play make life easier. These modular smartphones from Lenovo / Motorola offer several exciting features. And here are some tips and ...

15 March, 2017
Justice League: An important character confirmed at the casting

As if the cast of Justice League was not impressive enough, here is another important personage confirmed to the casting. Find out which!
The ...

23 December, 2016