Justice League: What connections with Wonder Woman?

Cinema 9 May, 2017

If it will be necessary to wait until November to discover the film Justice League, it could well be teased before, in Wonder Woman. Find out how!
Since it was introduced to us in Batman vs Superman , flying the star of the Black Knight and the Kryptonian superhero, we are looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman in his own solo film, scheduled for June 7 next. But since Warner Bros studios are fun, this is not the only time we’ll see Wonder Woman again this year. In November, it will also be found alongside Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg in the movie Justice League, a battle with Superman was teased . So, we imagine that this last will be somewhat teased before, in the film Wonder Woman . But how ? According to Screenrant , Wonder Woman should make the connection with the Mother Boxes , which will be an integral part of the plot of the movie Justice League. It is known that after a conflict against Darkseid which brought together the Amazons, the Atlanteans and the Humans, the latter were placed separately: one among the Atlanteans, one among the Humans, and one among the Amazons at Themyscira. It would not be surprising to hear about it in the solo adventure of Diana Prince.
And according to Screenrant , the Amazon Mother Box could appear in two different ways. The first, subtly teased, through a brief apparition during the plot that takes place on Themyscira, among other precious objects, like the Sword of God. The second idea would be that at the end of the film, a major event linked to the Amazons’ Mother Box would force Diana Prince to return to Themyscira either to protect the famous Mother Box or to find that she has disappeared, Steppenwolf as seemed to teaser the new explosive trailer of Justice League. Waiting for the end of the story on June 7, find out what a major change has been made to the story of the heroine in Wonder Woman!