Justice League: An important character confirmed at the casting

Cinema 23 December, 2016

As if the cast of Justice League was not impressive enough, here is another important personage confirmed to the casting. Find out which!
The Avengers have to stand well! In November 2017, the Justice League will finally form and it promises to send there too heavy, especially as DC Comics tends to be darker and more violent than Marvel. Program: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, a badass trio we have already seen in action in Batman vs Superman , but Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and maybe Green Lantern . At least all that to fight against villains like Ares , Ocean Master , Darkseid or Steppenwolf . Yes, all that! And yet, he still lacks: Lex Luthor . Certainly, his presence at the cast was highly probable, the actor having teased it himself, but nothing had yet been confirmed officially. And this is now done by the Warner Bros studios: Jesse Eisenberg will indeed be back in the skin of Lex Luthor in 2017. The latter will however have a small role, for liaising with the wicked Steppenwolf. After all, it was he who first contacted Steppenwolf in a deleted scene from Batman vs Superman .
But as good news never comes alone, it turns out that another key character from DC Comics will be part in Justice League . And one will discover the in the month of June as solo Wonder Woman movie since it is none other than to Hippolyta , Queen of Themyscira – the island home of Wonder Woman – and incidentally his mother. The actress who embodies it, Connie Nielson, was actually announced at the casting by the studios Warner Bros. Nothing was revealed about his role, but we already imagine that the reunion may well be tense. In Wonder Woman , Diana will indeed decide to break the rules of the Amazons for help from humans, including flying sword “Slayer of the Gods” . In other words, she will probably not be on good terms with her mother. In short, between that, Lex Luthor and the other bad guys, this is looking promising! While waiting to learn more, discover a new official picture with Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. And you, what do you think of the return Lex Luthor?