Batman: The film victim of a new blow?

Cinema 10 January, 2017

The development of the Batman film is a bit on the move at the moment. And if the rumors of a new blow are confirmed, it could take a long delay!

Decidedly, the DC Comics films are a bit in pain! The Flash has lost its director twice, first with the departure of Seth Grahame-Smith and then with the abandonment of Rick Famuyiwa, and has obviously still not found a replacement. And then there is Batman . Batman , we are sure to be in full development before we say that, no, nothing is won yet . In short, we are a bit in the dark, especially since we tend to have more bad news recently than good. The latest rumor dated implied also that the role of Ben Affleck in the production of Batman could be challenged , which does not exactly reassure us about the state of the project. And now we learn that the film would have suffered another blow that could push the studios to push its theatrical release. Yes, really, there would be almost enough to tear your hair! According to Batman-On-Film website Film production Batman would have indeed been postponed for a few months and therefore that actually begin in the summer of 2017.
It does not sound like that, but if this rumor is confirmed, then this delay could have an impact on the release date of the film. It had been more or less confirmed that Batman would land on our screens in the second half of 2018 but if the production date is actually postponed, given his superhero film nature, it is also the date output that could experience a change . What to expect that the judge of Gotham does not return solo by at least the beginning of 2019. So of course, the editorial of melty wants to clarify that it is still Here only a rumor. And even if it were true, the films that fall behind are often legion, which does not prevent them from landing then in the dark rooms. After all, it is preferred that Ben Affleck , producers and the rest of writers take their time to concoct a film worthwhile – and worthy of Batman – rather than offering us a story sloppy and poorly written . Especially with Wonder Woman , Justice League or Aquaman , we will have plenty to occupy our minds for the next two years! Which of the DC Comics films do you expect with the most impatience?