Justice League: A cult battle of the comics presents?

Cinema 12 April, 2017

And if Justice League, a great super-heroic meeting of the DC Comics team, staged a cult battle of a Jack Kirby comics?
While awaiting the release of Justice League, whose origins of Cyborg could be at the heart of the plot , many theories flourish on the web. The latest to date relates to the screenshot below and let the fans think that a cult battle of a Jack Kirby comics might be present. This battle is none other than the one in New Gods # 1 released in 1971. A battle during which a genuine carnage took place between the Ancient Gods , promising a rather incredible battle in Justice League if it did take place. But this screenshot is not the only track that points to this theory: the presence of Steppenwolf, Darkseid’s uncle, is also a good argument.
Suffice to say that with Justice League, whose new explosive trailer shows Batman join the team , the franchise will take a new turn. A turning point that will bring the gods and our heroes … on this side, Superman and Wonder Woman should get by. For The Flash and Batman, keeping the distance will probably be more complicated. Through this great super-heroic meeting, the Warner has the idea of ​​creating a DC Comics Cinematic Universe. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the goal is to set up a mythology through several films connected in the manner of a series. To discover if the Justice League will stage this battle, go on November 17th .