Wonder Woman: An original story as fun as powerful, our critic!

Cinema 7 June, 2017

Here it is ! Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, arrives today on our screens in her own film. So, does the super-hero show up to our expectations?
She’s there. Finally. The one that had been waiting for several months, the one that carries all the hopes of the DCEU and its fans, the one that must catch up the semi-failures of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad . Diana, the most iconic superhero, arrives today at the cinema! Preceded by a more than positive rumor and frankly enthusiastic first criticisms, Wonder Woman has a heavy task to do: prove that a film featuring a superhero has as much potential as those resting on the shoulders of Batman and consort . Those who saw the character of Gal Gadot in Batman V Superman certainly do not doubt it. And besides, they are right! Because so much to say right away, Wonder Woman is FUN, Exciting, visually ranting, is paid the luxury of making sense without making a whole mountain and blowing a wind of freshness on the DCEU and its morose heroes and a little too much inclined to self-destructive introspection. What makes us want to say that the film Patty Jenkins exceeds by far our expectations and proves to be the best of the cinema universe of DC Comics!
Yet, the film is part of an era not frankly joyous, namely the end of the First World War. Diana, who grew up pampered and protected by her mother Hippolyte on Themiscyra but who has always wanted to become a warrior, suddenly becomes aware of the nightmare that hits the world of men when it comes crashing on the island the plane of the spy Steve Trevor. Convinced that the war is provoked by Ares, the god whom the Amazons were designed to face, Diana decides to leave his home with Steve in order to defeat him . Along the way, she finds herself confronted not only with the horrors of war but also with the ambiguities of human nature. General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and his faithful assistant, Dr. Maru, Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya)
So much for the pitch of Wonder Woman . And with that, Patty Jenkins offers us a fantastic film, skilfully combining epic battle scenes with disheveled choreography, gravity driven by the historical context, humor that makes fly and lightness, all in perfect balance. Far from a melancholy Superman, even frankly desperate, Diana breathes kindness and compassion and is animated by a single desire: to fight injustice and protect the innocent, without ever her nature of goddess entering Conflict with its motivations . Patty Jenkins, using the context of World War I, is particularly well versed, but confronts her heroine’s naivety with the brutality of the real world and her horrors in order to make her understand the place she can occupy.
And as much to warn you right away, you will have no choice but to fall under the spell of Diana, interpreted with incredible sincerity by Gal Gadot . A mixture of innocence and pride, our heroine proves incredibly endearing even as we discover the world and its absurdities through its eyes. And be careful, if Wonder Woman is for some time called feminist , it is because there is a reason! Because Diana may be a woman, she does not let her status define her, choosing to act as she sees fit , completely escaping the control of Steve Trevor and his efforts to channel it. A Steve Trevor, moreover,
Because it is mainly reactions of the American pilot to the remarks of the Amazon, which mix perplexity and amusement, that come the best moments of humor. Especially since he is far from being reduced to his role of love interest, endowing himself with a complex personality and acting according to his own beliefs and what he believes to be his duty. However, we regret that the other characters are less well exploited , whether companions duo Samir (Saïd Taghmaoui), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), Grand Chief (Eugene Brave Rock) and Etta Candy (Lucy Davis), only the wicked themselves. But in the end, Wonder Woman is so fascinating that every scene without it seems to lack flavor!
Of course, the film is not exempt from other small defects. If the first scenes of combat are visually impressive and if the choreographies have enough to leave us gaping, the final confrontation, it, turns a little to the porridge CGI, the action dissolving in special effects. But the film compensates its weaknesses by incredible moments of bravery – at melty, we still have not recovered from this sequence where Diana crosses the no man’s land – and dialogues as fun as full of meaning. For the rest, Wonder Woman is intelligently written, intelligently realized and offers us the credible path of a super heroine as hoped for and who carries her femininity with pride. And if the film is not always very tender with human nature, Diana soon realizes that Arès is not the only one responsible for the war, but he still gives us a heroic character full of hope. And that, frankly, it does good! So, we cross the fingers so that Wonder Woman is entitled to a sequel , so we are conquered. Will you see the movie?