Justice League: Details on the role of Darkseid unveiled!

Cinema 9 March, 2017

It was only a rumor so far, but it’s now confirmed: Darkseid will be part of the game in Justice League and details about his role have been unveiled.
In a few months, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman will have no choice but to recruit other superheroes , alias Aquaman , The Flash and Cyborg to form the famous Justice League. For a great threat is on the way, and it is none other than Steppenwolf, alias the Wolf of the Steppes, a formidable warrior and above all immortal, even more violent than Doomsday. In short, as much to say that it is the shit and that it promises scenes of combat of anthology. But behind Steppenwolf, there is actually a much bigger threat: Darkseid, his nephew . One of the biggest villains of the DC Comics universe, in short. Yes, Umberto Gonzalez, from The Wrap , Went to the shooting of the film and the reporter revealed that the villain would show the tip of his nose in Justice League and this, in several scenes. According to the journalist, the latter will likely be at the beginning of the film or during flashback sequences. However, if Darkseid appears, the reporter reveals that one will not hear him utter a single word!
That is very intriguing. For Screenrant , that means only one thing: that Steppenwolf operates under the yoke of Darkseid . If Steppenwolf is indeed the uncle of Darkseid, his nephew is much more powerful than him, invulnerable, endowed with unlimited strength and telekinesical and telepathic phenomenal gifts. We say it even stronger than Superman! That’s going to give our superheroes a hard time! At least, in Justice League 2, whose release date may well be postponed , since we imagine that this first part will serve mainly to put it in place, a bit like Thanos in the Marvel films that preceded and go Precede The Avengers: Infinity War . Because yes, The goal of Darkseid is in the same vein as that of Thanos, but moreover exaggerated still: it wants to destroy the universe. Not to control it no, it is not enough, but to destroy it, in order to rebuild it according to its desires. Basically, next door, Thanos, it’s a Bisounours! In your opinion, how will Darkseid be introduced to us?