Batman: What if the Deadpool director directed the film?

Cinema 5 February, 2017

Kevin Smith, director and author of comics, would see the Deadpool director direct the film Batman.
It was a bad news month for fans of DC Comics: Ben Affleck will not realize the Batman movie . Since then, many of the theories about the filmmaker who could take the helm of the future adventure Dark Knight . Kevin Smith, director of many popular movies of the geek community but also comic book writer would like to see him as the director of Deadpool , Tim Miller, lead Batman. The man said in a video “Who I’d see? Listen, I’ll say it until the end of time but Tim Miller. Give it all, he Deadpool and now he does not Deadpool 2. Give Batman Tim Miller, he can do anything ” .
It’s hard not to be skeptical about Kevin Smith’s choice. Tim Miller , who has directed only one film, seems very far to match the dark world that wants to offer Warner with DC Comics productions . Not to mention that the director would be currently working on a reboot of the Terminator franchise. Batman, which connects the hard knocks , do not answer no doubt the wish of Kevin Smith and its realization seems to compromised moment. For now, only the location of Aquaman seems to unfold properly. Outside of Batman , also recall the movie The Flash has lost its director. To be continued in the next episode. Who would you see Batman?