Arrow, Luke Cage, The Flash, The Defenders: Who of Marvel or DC Comics could win?

Cinema 24 June, 2017

While the 2017 World Cup is in full swing on Melty, who of Marvel or DC Comics is more likely to win the competition?
A match at the top! Yes, the meltynauts, if the 2017 World Cup sees 36 completely different shows , there is also a match in the match with a clash at the top between Marvel and DC Comics. Whether in the movies or on television, the two franchises are always in rivalry and this competition is no exception. But then, which of Marvel or DC Comics will manage to take the next step with class? All doubts are still allowed. Indeed, the places in the round of 16 are expensive and it is almost certain that all the series of superheroes will not be part. Let’s go back on the chances of these two franchises so present in our television landscape!
Marvel (Luke Cage, The Defenders, Agents of SHIELD)
On Marvel’s side, three series represent his colors. If Luke Cage is already available on Netflix, it is not the case of The Defenders which plays its place in the group of the series of the summer, since it will not be broadcast before August 18th. No way for her to win the competition. But Luke Cage was truly pleased by the fans who loved the street side of the show. However, she is currently competing with Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars and even with Agents of SHIELD. Faced with two giants that will end this year, the two Marvel series unfortunately do not leave favorites . If everything is still possible until the end, Difficult not to be worried about the franchise Marvel which risks losing its two competitors as early as next week. If you are an unconditional fan, it’s time to mobilize!
DC Comics (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer)
DC Comics is represented by four series at this tournament including Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer. The first three are currently broadcast on the CW and have many fans. It must be said that they share the same universe and are brought together regularly over the episodes which allows viewers to attach more quickly . Not to mention preferences, we must admit that the DC Comics series enjoy a much more effective promotion than the Netflix / Marvel series. This is the case of Lucifer who is still supported by the FOX. However, nothing has yet been done since the latest estimates showed that ” They were all in danger and a big defeat was to be expected from the DC Comics series . And if finally none of the two franchises went on to the next step? It’s time to mobilize the guys! You are rather Team DC Comics or Team Marvel?