Justice League: Three roles that Colin Farrell could interpret

Cinema 15 March, 2017

Recent rumors mention the presence of Colin Farrell in Justice League … But what role the actor could interpret well?
It often happens that important cameoos and roles are so secret that they are only discovered when a film is released. And it could be the case with Justice League, which will have many connections with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs Superman , and a surprise appearance by Colin Farrell. The Irish actor, recently seen in The Fantastic Animals , has for the moment not evoked this project but impossible not to imagine it in a multitude of roles! It must be said that the star is rather talented and the number of endless possibilities facing the bestiary DC Comics. Melty presents you with three roles that Colin Farrell could interpret.
John Constantine
The Flash has its own TV series but will appear in Justice League , why not John Constantine? Already, Colin Farrell is rather classy and would stick perfectly to the character (at least physically) but mostly, the spectators used to see him as an inspector in True Detective. We already imagine the actor, cigarette in the mouth, specialist in black magic and the occult, to support the time of a scene the League of Justiciers. A choice that would bring a more “fragile” side to our heroes at least … overpowering (Hello Batman and Wonder Woman?).
In a recent interview, Jason Momoa had revealed that when Zack Snyder had contacted him, he thought he was playing Lobo. And if finally, Colin Farrell endorsed the role of this violent villain and psychopath emblematic of the DC Comics team? A super-naughty fun that would ask the actor to go through the make-up cage or motion-capture but would make it perfectly on the screen if the latter lent his voice. One can always dream of seeing Lobo in Justice League (which will unveil a Batmobile more deadly than ever) no?
Green Lantern
Will Green Lantern be present in Justice League ? In any case, this is what many rumors say. Many spectators would like to discover the hero after the oven of his first solo film and Colin Farrell would be the ideal candidate to embody it. A big star alongside Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot? An additional argument for fans of DC Comics! Hopefully a much more successful costume than that of Ryan Reynolds (who did not fail to make fun of him in Deadpool ).