Gotham season 3: 3 proto-villains that we could meet in the next episodes!

Cinema 14 February, 2017

Season 3 of Gotham is currently experiencing a long hiatus! Meanwhile, discover 3 proto-villains that we could see in the next episodes!
Who will be the next one ? While we were wondering if Jerome would be back in Gotham’s Season 3 , other proto-villains should land in the DC Comics series of FOX. We have already had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Freeze, Harvey Dent, Ed Nygma, Oswald Cobbelpot, Malone Matches, Clay Maw, Azrael, Poison Ivy and many others, but many villains, including some famous names, Have not appeared. Although Harley Quinn should make his debut in the latest episodes of Season 3, discover our top 3 proto-villains that we might encounter in the upcoming episodes.
Certainly one of Batman’s most famous villains, he was present in more than 600 stories following his first appearance in Batman: Vengeance of Bane # 1 , released in January 1993. We know from his Was forced to serve a life sentence for his father’s crimes. In fact, Bane was born and raised in the underground prison of Peña Duro. It is in this context that we could discover it. History could lead us to the moment when, at his majority, he was the guinea pig of a chemical military experiment consisting in transfusing a super-steroid called Venom in his cerebral cortex in order to increase his muscular strength and to offer The army of future super-soldiers. As we know,
Originally known as Arnold Wesker, this character who made his first appearance in Detective Comics # 583 , in February 1988, and whom we have subsequently seen more than 200 times, is a Gotham City mafioso using a puppet Ventriloquist named Scarface to commit executions. We know that during his childhood he developed multiple personalities to repress his feelings. However, these repressed emotions ended up exploding while he was in a bar, where he killed a man . It would be interesting if the series offered to see the first stages of this character until he was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary. There, he met the man named Donnegan, who would make his wooden puppet,
Here is one that would have its place in the series. Jane Doe first appeared in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell # 1 , published in July 2003 and has since been featured in some thirty stories. This female character lost her face and the entire body skin and tried to escape twice from Arkham’s asylum by trying to assume the identity of another. His two attempts failed, notably thanks to the intervention of Batman. Concerning its mode of operation: it takes the identity of its victims after having studied their personality and their behavior. After appropriating the victim, she kills and takes her identity by disguising herself with her skin . Then she saw the life of her victim, Interest in another prey. The series could show us how the character lost her skin, which she was before becoming the terrifying Jane Doe and especially offering us a demonstration of her misdeeds with her first victim.
The gallery of super villains that the mythology of Batman proposes is so vast that we would not be surprised to face Killer Croc or Man-Bat soon (which we thought we were already discovering at the launch of season 3). Other villains would fit perfectly into the series, which wants to keep a link with reality, such as Calendar Man, Black Mask, Abattoir, Brutale, Le Terrible Trio or Prometheus , of which we could see when his parents, Dangerous criminals, are killed before his eyes by the forces of order. Find out which actor of The 100 will be the next enemy of Bruce Wayne in season 3 of Gotham! What villain would you like to see in Gotham?