Justice League: What connections with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs Superman?

Cinema 11 March, 2017

While DC Comics and the Warner attempts to create a movie universe, what connections will the Justice League have with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs Superman?
Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Warner seeks to create a cinematic universe around the DC Comics team. And even if the studio does not have the same success as its historic competitor, fans are very happy to discover the adventures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and other Aquaman in the movies. But while Justice League, whose details on Darkseid’s role have been unveiled , will soon be released on our screens, what connections will he maintain with Batman Vs Superman and the future solo film Wonder Woman ? Curt Kanimodo, one of the producers of the DCU, answered the question for the specialized website ComicBook.
For him, Wonder Woman is a “strong catalyst” of what the heroine will be in Justice League . A character whose personality has already been teased in Batman Vs Superman but who will probably not be the same in his solo film and the future big super-heroic meeting of the DCU. And that is not all since another producer of Justice League (which will have a more murderous Batmobile than ever) , Charles Roven , added that this film would be the opportunity to discover even more the heroine. You will understand: the producers seem very confident about the future cinematographic Wonder Woman . His place will undoubtedly be very important in Justice League and not eclipsed by heroes already known and recognized to the cinema like Batman or Superman. A character who will have known before Batman Vs Superman and, hopefully, will experience the after Justice League . What do you think of these links?