Batman vs Superman

Justice League: The Origins of Cyborg at the heart of the plot?

In Justice League, the transformation of Victor Stone into Cyborg is intimately linked to the Mother Box. Does this mean that its origins will be at ...

5 April, 2017
Justice League: What is the relationship between Batman and Superman?

Batman and Superman are not frankly left on the best terms. So, a little question arose about the relationship they could have in Justice League! ...

22 March, 2017
Justice League: What connections with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs Superman?

While DC Comics and the Warner attempts to create a movie universe, what connections will the Justice League have with Wonder Woman and Batman Vs ...

11 March, 2017
In fact these films are coherent and one should not have doubted them

Sometimes it is easy to laugh at the slightest opportunity. Too quickly, for we can miss explanations that are there, under our noses.
Who loves ...

6 March, 2017
Justice League: Cyborg (Ray Fisher), the third Mother Box?

Cyborg (Ray Fisher) could have a more critical role than was believed in the Justice League. It would seem that the superhero is actually the third ...

8 February, 2017
Justice League: Zack Snyder shares a picture of Batman costume

As the release of the Justice League approaches, Zack Snyder has shared a new picture of the costume of the Black Knight: Batman.
Since the first ...

20 January, 2017
Harley Quinn, Norbert Dragonneau, Wonder Woman … The most prominent characters of 2016!

This year will have been rich in remarkable characters! Back on those who have most marked us in 2016, whether they are heroes, villains or both at ...

28 December, 2016
Wonder Woman: A powerful weapon teased on a new image

Wonder Woman is one of the most badass heroines of all time. And who says heroine badass, said badass weapons. The proof with a new image that ...

23 December, 2016