Justice League: Is Superman the villain of the film?

Cinema 27 April, 2017

And if Superman was not on the side of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Company in Justice League, but against them? This is the new theory of the day!
Some time ago, we were wondering how Superman could come back to life in Justice League . And if we were rather optimistic about his return to Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, there is another much darker theory that circulates about our Kryptonian superhero. The one that Superman would actually be the hidden villain of Justice League . Yes, you heard right. And there are two reasons why he could move on to the dark side of the Force. The first is that it is Darkseid himself who would bring him back to life, but in a dark version, and the latter would then serve the great villain. The second would be related to Lois Lane. If you remember correctly, in Batman vs Superman , We see The Flash appear before Batman and tell him “Lois Lane is the key” . Many think there might be something in the Justice League that would make Superman crazy with grief and anger and push him to the dark side.
Whatever the reason, the theory that Superman could be the hideous villain of Justice League is not that crazy. After all, Warner Bros. studios have been trying to hide the Kryptonian superhero since the beginning of the film’s promotion. If Superman was back on a new Justice League poster recently, he was not seen in any official trailer or photo, and we do not know anything about his role in the film, Is that it is very important. According to several media, this absence can only say one thing: that his return in the film is a huge spoiler . Maybe even the Justice League’s big twist . And what better as a huge spoiler or twist than a wicked Superman? What’s more, Henry Cavill himself tapped a very dark costume for Superman, which could correspond to his change of camp. So, will Superman be on the side of the Justice League or Darkseid and Steppenwolf? Answer on November 15th. And you what do you think ?