In fact these films are coherent and one should not have doubted them

Cinema 6 March, 2017

Sometimes it is easy to laugh at the slightest opportunity. Too quickly, for we can miss explanations that are there, under our noses.
Who loves well chatises as well. So we will take refuge behind this (very practical) expression to find an excuse and present this in a positive way. Because, yes, we have already criticized a film by accusing it of incoherence when it was simply us who ration a detail , a justification, a logical element. Better late than never, we can do our mea culpa here and now.
Star Wars: the awakening of strength
Leia leads the resistance, but against whom? Against what ? The Empire was destroyed so there is no longer any opponent to resist. Whatever ! The new senators of the republic look up at Leia … For they do not believe in the existence of the First Order, composed of the few survivors of the Empire . But this one will grow, and Leia has done well to set up a private military group.
Mom I missed the plane
In the beginning, we are told that a tree fell and damaged the phone lines of the house where Kevin found himself. And we see her mother galley to join her, from Paris. Normal. Then we see Kevin ordering pizzas, tranquillou. WTF? In fact, the tree could very well have made impossible the long distance links without doing the same on the local calls. The operator AT & T confirmed it, it was totally possible with the functioning of the time.
Batman VS Superman: The Dawn of Justice
Superman is supposed to be able to hear everything, to perceive everything. So why does not he use his super power to hear his mother, know where Lex Luthor hid it? It’s true brothel, it is con or it is con! In fact, if he had tried, he would have heard everything. All. So all the murmurs of the city, the complaints of everyone … So finally, it would be inaudible. And he would become mad, disturbed by all his voices. This is in any case the explanation of director Zack Snyder, who claimed to have shot a scene like this but have deleted it.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Okay it’s funny and it moves, but why did they leave the mine in the wagon anyway? ‘ Frankly, was not it simpler? Well, no, actually. If one looks carefully , when the released kid gets through the area caressed by the lava, he does it on a wooden board . However, it catches fire before the others can use it as well. Hence the roller coaster after, in the wagon!
pulp Fiction
We all remember the scene where Vincent tells that a bastard scratched his case. Voluntarily. Shocked, he does not understand that anyone can do that. We think this is a dialogue like that, just to fix a funny scene . Now, when you put the scenes back in chronological order, you understand that it was Butch who avenged himself, after their rather tense meeting at the bar.
Pacific Rim
What do they expect from God? Without dismay, if Mako and Raleigh had used the sword earlier, the problem would have been settled much more quickly and easily. But no, wait until the last moment … Stop: no, it’s not just to shit and the movie lasts longer . There is a reason given during the television news: the blood of the monster is toxic and will contaminate the water of the ocean. This is designated by Kaiju Blue. Who had not taken good and well all the time?