Harley Quinn, Norbert Dragonneau, Wonder Woman … The most prominent characters of 2016!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

This year will have been rich in remarkable characters! Back on those who have most marked us in 2016, whether they are heroes, villains or both at the same time.
A film is nothing, absolutely nothing, without its characters! And this year, in terms of outstanding players, we were served . Whether it’s the kind of superhero movie that has been particularly spoiled this year, whether it’s Marvel productions, Fox feature films, DC Comics / Warner Bros, or animation, 2016 offered us a beautiful skewer of unforgettable protagonists. Some also are the source of the most WTF replicas 2016 and are immediately become cult. Among the most striking are, of course, super-heroines who are superpowers who have class, wicked villains without limit, but also classic characters who make their comeback and others who make their first Not (successful) in our favorite franchises. And then, of course, there are some original characters – losers endearing or antagonistic well creepy – who impressed us greatly. So history of honoring all those heroes who made us laugh / cry / shout of joy / shiver, the editorial ‘of melty has listed (subjective, of course) of the most significant figures in 2016!
Dead Pool
No, not all superheroes are good guys! The evidence with which Deadpool with his sharp tongue and his habit of breaking the fourth wall dusts off some kind of superhero film . He swears, he insults his enemies, cheerfully cares about their face … before blowing them up, their tronche, if possible by swinging a well-felt valve. In short, he has no limit and, above all, he is far from being a hero to whom one would entrust his life. As a result, we adhere completely to this character – to which we can not frankly identify, certainly – but that makes us laugh and that we follow in his twists and turns without the slightest hesitation. Cap ‘, Black Panther and the other X-Men just have to stand!
Judy Hopps
Ah, Zootopie ! Undoubtedly the best animated film of the year 2016. And this one owes much of its success to its duo of main characters, the rabbit Judy Hopps and the fox Nick Wilde. But it was the little heroine who marked us the most! The poor, with her small size and her propensity to eat carrots, she did not a priori profile to make a cop of shock. But it clings in spite of everything, in an environment that is not as idyllic as one would like us to believe, and ends up accomplishing great thing. And all this without an ounce of disgust. We say ” hats off, Judy! “.
Wonder Woman
Well, it is true, the role of Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman is not super consistent. One sees in all and for all that ten minutes in the film and, still, it passes most of these in the worldly clothes of Diana Prince. Until she landed in her Wonder Woman costume to save our two headliners . And there, we remain speechless! The appearance of the super-heroine is simply one of the best scenes of the film … especially that it leaves Batman and Superman – forgive the expression – on the ass. Beautiful, powerful but also courageous and compassionate, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman makes a great effect. That is only good for his solo movie scheduled for June.
When we heard that Spider-Man was going to return to Marvel’s lap, they shouted with joy; When it was learned that Tom Holland was going to interpret it, we remained a skeptic; and when we saw the trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War , we … become crazy with excitement . And once the film came out, we found that our first impressions were the good ones. The Spidey Tom Holland is absolutely amazing, a mixture of impertinence of species and humility, fan-boy struck with admiration when he crosses Cap ‘and insolent kid when he fucks a beating Bucky and Falcon. And this scene with Tony in his room! Yes, the introduction of the character in the MCU is more than successful and it is hoped that his career will be long.
Holland March
Then it is the very image of the loser! Private detective alcoholic who missed and connects the pins and disasters, Holland March ( The Nice Guys ) is gross incompetence. Besides, when he managed something, it is often by accident . But he also knows how touching, in his own way, how to look after his daughter and watch over her (in fact, it’s actually the reverse). As a result, his exploits are as unexpected as surprising, which makes the character all the more endearing. And above all, this is the first time that we see Ryan Gosling, which was found in the trailer of Blade Runner in 2049 , in such a role against type. Completely crazy, wearing tacky shirts as possible and dragging a plaster on the arm during a large part of the film, the actor proves to us, if need be, that he does not know that play serious heroes, even neurasthenic!
Definitely, the rabbits got the odds in 2016! After Judy Hopps, it is the turn of Snowball , the so cute bunny to as Beast , to find his place in the top of the most prominent movie characters of the year. Finally, ” so cute ” is easily said. Because behind her pretty little white boiled big blue eyes hides … a completely insane psychopath! Withdrawn in the sewers with his army of abandoned animals, he lays plans completely barred to take revenge on humans. The guy is crazy, he takes himself a little too much for Vito Corleone and, when he wicks his eyes generally, it smells bad. But we love it! Especially in fact, we know that Snowball asks only one thing: to be adopted and loved. To transform a rabbit in chief of mafia illuminated and violent, it was necessary to dare!
Harley Quinn
Harley, Harley, Harley … It’s simple, once you saw it in the trailer of Suicide Squad , the Joker’s fiancee immediately seduced us! Qu’adorable as crazy, as pungent as dangerous, always a smile belies clinging to figure it honors the nemesis of Batman. The performance of Margot Robbie is applauded with both hands, which steals the show from all her colleagues as soon as it appears on the screen. Yes, even to Will Smith, which is saying little. And then, admit it, someone who walks with a pink duvet and another blue, it nevertheless forces immediately admiration. Come on, Harley, we admit, we can not wait to see you in your spin-off, Gotham City Sirens !
Jason Bourne
And he’s back ! In the category of heroes who make a comeback unexpected, asked Jason Bourne. After a break for nine long years, former super CIA agent became off-the-law returns to the front of the stage . And he has lost none of his physical power and intelligence! To cope with a new conspiracy that threatens the freedom and security of American citizens, Jason Bourne resumes service in a film that is even more nervous, more current and more tense than the previous four. The character may have grown old, he has hardly changed, and we, the spectators who have won over to his cause, are no longer pleased to see him in full action. It’s clear, Matt Damon and Bourne make a successful and smashing comeback!
Horror movie monsters are creepy. But men can be even more so! The proof with the Blind – Norman Nordstrom of his nickname – the chilling antagonist Do not Breathe . When Alex, Rocky and Money infiltrate into his home, they think they are finding loot. That’s not counting the twisted intelligence and hyper-developed sense of the owner , who intends to show these petty criminals being afraid this means. Stephen Lang delivers an incredible performance in the role of this terrifying and cruel dead-eyed man. Typically, in horror movies, the fewer you see the more you are afraid. There, the opposite, the less the protagonists, the more you feel icy! Enough to bring the Blind back to the top of the most striking (and sinister) characters of the year.
Norbert Dragonneau
And we finish this small list of characters characters by Norbert Dragonneau! A newcomer to the world of Harry Potter, the magizoologiste played by Eddie Redmayne did not take long to conquer our heart . Shy and not very sociable, it is illuminated by the stunning magical creatures that he carries around with him. Difficult therefore not to fall under the charm of this sorcerer deeply nice but a little beside his pumps and perpetually dreamy, who finds himself embarked despite himself in a hunt to the Obscurus. Norbert Dragonneau opens a new page in the world of Harry Potter and we can only thank him for it! And in addition, it offers its letters of nobility to Hufflepuff. So luckily he soon became one of our favorites, since he is determined to return to the future in our dark rooms. What character has you most marked this year?