Justice League: Cyborg (Ray Fisher), the third Mother Box?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

Cyborg (Ray Fisher) could have a more critical role than was believed in the Justice League. It would seem that the superhero is actually the third Mother Box of the film!
In terms of introduction to DCEU, Batman vs Superman rested a little there. He not only drove us to get to know all future members of the team, but we also teasait the impending arrival of Steppenwolf, the villain of Justice League , and its awful Paradémons. As a result, we almost (almost) have forgotten this third element which surreptitiously slipped into a scene of the film. The editorial ‘of melty obviously wants to speak well of … the Mother Box , which appeared in the sequence where we saw the father of Victor Stone turned it into a cyborg. Super-intelligent and conscious computers, the Mother Boxes will actually appear in Justice League, where, according to the latest information, they should be number three: one for the Amazons, one for Aquaman Atlantes and one for humans. And it is of course this third Mother Box that interests us today! As rumor for a long time that it would actually related to … Cyborg, which was discovered in the sides of Wonder Woman and Aquaman on an image of Justice League , unprecedented way. And as you will see, it turns out that it has not gone very far from the truth!
Because yes, we can finally say it out loud: the Third Mother Box does not merely give its incredible powers to Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ). Quite the contrary! According to an article in the latest issue of the magazine Total Film , the Mother Box would be an integral part of Victor Stone! That would actually be the Mother Box itself. Of course, those who watched closely the scene Batman vs Superman in which the young man suffered his terrible transformation will not be surprised by this news. After all, we might have suspected it. But this is the first time that this theory has been so surely confirmed, which almost sweeps away all our uncertainties. For now, Cyborg’s role in the Justice League team has remained rather secret, but it is now clear that he should play a vital role here. It will in any case probably part of the solution to overcome Steppenwolf , like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It remains to be seen to what extent. Meanwhile, we still do not know much more about the importance unfolds during another character in Justice League, namely Superman ! Did you doubt Cyborg would be the third Mother Box?