Wonder Woman: The villain of the film confirmed?

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Invited to the shooting of the film, the magazine Studio Ciné Live was able to glean some information. And the main villain might well be part of it.

Who is the great villain of Wonder Woman? A little less than six months from the release of the film, the enigma has still not been elucidated. And the first trailer really did not answer either. Although, in melty, we think we did it anyway Tease neither seen nor known, through the character played by Danny Huston . An officer who speaks in a brief scene the sentence: “The world can be ours” , and believed to be none other that Ares, the God of War , hidden under another identity. This villain was at the heart of many rumors in recent times, as was the Doomsday for Batman vs Superman . And imagine that there is a chance that, like Doomsday, our speculations will prove true! This is certainly what our colleagues teasent Studio Ciné Live . They went on the Wonder Woman movie filming in April 2016, and just released a four-page dossier, describing several about Chris Pine as the scenario. And guess who is mentioned? Ares!
Interviewed by the magazine, Chris Pine gave some details about his character and the rest of the story. He has described Steve Trevor as “a driver working for the Allies and the Germans spies without their knowledge” . His character steals a notebook filled with scientific formulas. Behind these formulas, there is a deadly gas that could destroy humanity . Now, according to the magazine, it happens that this deadly gas would interest Ares, the God of War. “This is jealous of men, which are a creation of her father, Zeus deceased (the Amazons and rebelled against Zeus and Ares Zeu died by the hand of his son)” in particular explains the magazine. If nothing has been confirmed, Ares is a main villain rather logical. This is one of the recurring enemies of Wonder Woman in comics. And since the film is set in the context of the First World War, it is not hard to think that Ares could be behind it. While waiting to get to the bottom, find the five best moments of the latest trailer ! And you, do you think it could be Ares?