Logan: The most profitable Wolverine film of the franchise?

Cinema 3 April, 2017

Was Logan the Wolverine movie that brought in the most money from the franchise? The first figures answer this question.
By agreeing to pass Logan under the ban at least 17 years old, the famous “Rated R” , Fox took a big risk. A risk all the same minimized by Deadpool which with its small budget became the most profitable film under this label. Logan (whose concept-arts revealed what the Reavers prosthetics looked like) will he join his mutant companion (with whom he is used to frying in comics) becoming the Wolverine who has reported the most The franchise ? It would seem that yes … X-Men Origins: Wolverine had for example reported $ 373,062,864 for a budget of $ 150,000,000 . Rather honorable.
Wolverine: The Immortal Combat had done much better with a budget of $ 120,000,000 for $ 414,828,246 in revenue. Logan, of which Hugh Jackman would have liked a different end , is truly the most profitable franchise with a budget of $ 97,000,000 and – for now – $ 500,000,000 won worldwide. A figure above its predecessors whereas the film has cost much less (and is still exploited in hundreds of rooms!). It is the director James Mangold who must be glad to have been able to impose a film with a limited budget and violence that could have limited the entries. What do you think of these figures?