Wolverine 3: The official plot is finally known!

Cinema 14 January, 2017

You wait for it, here it is: the official summary of the plot of Wolverine 3 is finally official!
Logan’s next adventure will mark a major turning point for the mutant. In the latter, the famous X-Men will have to confront mercenaries wanting to capture X-23, a little girl having much in common with him. So far, several clues about the plot of Wolverine 3, a Caliban image cage was revealed , allowed to guess the outline. Only here, its official synopsis has just been unveiled and promises very heavy for lovers of the superhero, interpreted for the last time by Hugh Jackman. Particular, we learn to take place when the film but especially what unites the different characters.
The summary is as follows “In the near future, Logan, tired, caring for a sick Professor X and hidden from the Mexican border. Logan’s attempts to hide from his inheritance world’s eyes will end at the appearance a young mutant pursued by dark forces, ” . Wolverine 3, including Hugh Jackman unveiled a new poster and image , will therefore take place in a future closer than it seems. The question is what disease suffers the mentor of the X-Men but especially for Logan who he wants to hide his heritage. Fans expect in any case forward Logan , which looks darker than ever and whose outcome could announce tragic. What do you think of this synopsis?