Logan: Who to replace Hugh Jackman? The actor answers

Cinema 9 March, 2017

But who could replace Hugh Jackman in the role of Logan? The actor thinks he has an idea of ​​the ideal candidate …
It’s official for several months: Hugh Jackman will not lend his features to Wolverine , Logan being the last episode of a saga of ten years. However, Fox does not intend to abandon the character who possesses a strong narrative potential and the ability to offer many other powerful adventures like Logan, whose X-Men were to appear in the film . In an interview for the Hollywood Reporter , Hugh Jackman was quite comfortable with someone taking over the role that made him known to the general public. “The character must continue to exist and Someone else will embody it, for sure! ” before’
Hugh Jackman explained “If Daniel Day-Lewis replaced me and won an Oscar for that, we would have a little problem … ” Because yes: Daniel Day-Lewis won the best actor award three times at the prestigious ceremony thanks to his exceptional acting method! Imagine if the actor endorsed the role of Logan … the result would be simply bluffing . And even if this trait of humor on the part of Hugh Jackman can make smile, the Fox could take it very seriously. Episode to follow then. Meanwhile, the movie Logan (which according to our review is one of the most intense end claps) is still showing. In addition, The opportunity to discover a tortured and fragile mutant ready to do anything to protect his progeny in the person of X-23. What do you think of this interview?