Wolverine 3: A new image with a threatening Logan

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Logan reveals himmutant shows his threatening look …self a little more through a new image in which the
In the next adventures of the mutant Logan, the latter will have to make grave to a great threat. His role ? Protect X-23, a young girl who shares many similarities with him, alongside a sick Professor Xavier. For in Wolverine 3, the ultimate trailer was unveiled with an X-23 unleashed , the X-Men are long gone and our heroes have become very old. Say hello to a tired Logan, with gray hair and beard, whose healing power makes his own. A way to signify that after ten years face various enemies in the X-Men saga and his own solo movies , the hero is not as powerful as before.
Through this new poster, the fans were able to discover a Logan with a very threatening look. And for good reason: The Reavers, deadly mercenaries will do anything to get hold of X-23 . A mutant that the X-Men seems to consider as his own daughter and of which he will not hesitate to bequeath his inheritance. But his look also gives the impression of a broken character, burnt, eyes bloodshot … proof that Wolverine 3, which will be the last film in the skin Logan Hugh Jackman , will not Of rest for the latter. With a classification Rated R, bloody trailer and first exciting returns, Wolverine 3 should please fans! What do you think ?