What if the best books were those invented in the movies?

Cinema 27 April, 2017

A percussive title, a content that promises to be original and useful, when you see the book, you are dying to leaf through it. Except that it does not exist in real, damage.
Maybe we should start with the title, and then see what it is possible to do with it. If it makes you want, we try to find a nice cover and find enough stuff to say inside. The recipe for success is complicated. A clear advice in any case: to take inspiration from these books there.
The endless story (saga of eponymous films)
Based on a German novel, the film shows a kid who wants to understand what a daron reads about the book. Which remains a little secret. Which does not prevent the kid from traveling in a universe called Fantasia, where stories repeat and never end, are eternal . The only limits are the creativity of the person and his ability to believe in his dreams.
——- 1 ——-
Family of geniuses (“The Tenenbaum family”)
Wes Anderson likes the special and worked-out productions, and we note that books often play a part. The book is here the memories of the mother of a family who tells about everything that happens with her children and her husband . All the tares, in passing. The stories, the successes, the failures, the neuroses of the madre … There must be crunchy if it tells everything!
—— 2 ——
Isle of Naboombu (“The Witch’s Apprentice”)
The book tells a story of children in which the real images and the animated images merge, mix, as in the film we have before us. More than a book, he announces what will happen to the group of kids and describes a medallion to find, a magic spell to use, and so on. Yes, the book is prophetic. Right.
——- 3 ——-
Mister Babadook (eponymous film)
A book of kids that presents us the monster Babadook, whore. And we see it well afterwards, the bastard! This is how the film puts us in the conditions of a horror film and psychologically stressful. Because once they read the book, the characters realize that the babadook does exist . No way to ignore it, it’s over! A blow to finish possessed …
——- 4 ——–
Misery series (“Misery”)
Then, you must even read the real book (different from those written in the film by the writer, yai feints there) to grasp the trick, and really kiffer. This book by Stephen King is a slaughter, then adapted into film. Much less successful, alas. But faster to finish! A writer gets caught by a fan a little shaken who wants to force him to continue a certain story … An eight-closed ouf, crazy characters, tense scenes …
——- 5 ——-
The philosophy of time travel (“Donnie Darko”)
Written by a former professor, the book disturbs a lot the young Donnie when he realizes that the things described there really happen to him . In the film (director’s cut, 3 years after the release), we can even see certain encrusted passages, read them … And Donnie will accept his destiny, when he understood the scope and veracity of the book. Other examples in mind?