The Walking Dead Game of Thrones VS: Which set has the most deaths?

Cinema 8 December, 2016

Two series, two worlds but one thing in common: the number of deaths in The Walking Dead rivals that of Game of Thrones, but that is the most cruel?

While the season 7 of The Walking Dead continues, one wonders if the series would need a reboot in Season 8 is one of its well-known features that will speak today : its impressive number of deaths. Certainly the characters die in all series, but I must admit that in terms of cruel losses, two stand out in particular: The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, respectively broadcast on AMC and HBO. Before you deliver which is the most deadly, note that the comparison is more playful and purpose to satisfy our curiosity than anything else . It is well that the two series do not even know the number of episodes per season and infographics of Redditer nachorykaart can not take into account all factors because, like everyone, that user must also have a life and that he would probably not spend the rest of his life to make stills every 4 seconds during the most turbulent episodes.
Since it is applied, nachorykaart has still done things by focusing on the first five seasons of the two series and by creating four categories: main characters, secondary characters, background characters and non-human creatures. Obviously from there and knowing that The Walking Dead is a series of zombies before-all, some may find the comparison irrelevant, especially since the categories are classified according to criteria specific to the user. But not us, so we welcome the effort of this fan that allows us, through an infographic of the friendliest, know that this is The Walking Dead that counts the most casualties with 1216 dead in five seasons against 704 in Game of Thrones . The categories allow however to realize that walkers tip the balance and Game of Thrones has killed far more important characters The Walking Dead – not surprising when you consider that this is the kind of serial killing her “hero” Ned Stark in the first season. In short, all this will not bring us our favorite characters but until Season 7 Game of Thrones next summer, we wondered what would happen in episode 8 of Season 7 of The Walking Dead ! So, what do you think ?