IPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red, iPad 2017 … The real-fake strategic revolution of Apple!

Techno 11 April, 2017

With the iPhone 7 red and the first iPad of 2017, Apple surprised everyone. Instead of launching its products in great pomp in its famous Keynote, Apple introduced its new iPhone and iPad via a simple release. Better, she put forward the price of her tablet. The details !
“The iPad is the most popular tablet in the world (…) now, its price is even more affordable,” it is with these words that Philip Schiller, vice president of marketing Apple introduced the first IPad of 2017. If we are already in love with this tablet to the editorial staff and we hiffe the class released by the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red, we are also surprised by the “new” strategy of Apple. While she was accustomed to present her products via her famous Keynote, the Apple seems to have made a real strategic shift. Exit the time rhinestones and sequins, place to services and contents of good quality!
Since its inception, Apple has never put forward the price of any of its products. But the situation seems to have changed with the first iPad of 2017 which was presented as the most affordable head tablet market . And yet, the new iPad has more than one trump under the chassis. In addition to being more accessible, it benefits from better storage capacities and a bright screen. As for the iPhone 7 (Product) Red, he had as much success with the writing as a new clip of Beyoncé. But do not be fooled, Apple remains … Apple!
If Apple has also kept the price of its iPhone SE while doubling its storage capacity , this does not mean that Apple has decided to renounce “its pricing policy” . Given that hardware revenues fell by 11.5% for the full year 2016, the Cupertino firm may have decided to rely on original content and services , as has already been suggested Tim Cook. It’s not for nothing that you can watch two matches at the same time on the Apple TV with myCANAL. However, the highly anticipated iPhone 8 is announced as being very expensive according to some rumors so, needless to dream: Apple has not changed!