First take-over of the Huawei P10, the smartphone that simplifies life!

The Huawei P10 is one of the great stars of the Mobile World Congress. The new smartphone with rounded edges is really chanmé. We took it in hand and ...

28 February, 2017
The thousand and one reasons to kill a character in series

Sometimes we wonder why. Sometimes you do not understand. At other times, we're downright pissed off. In any case, there is always an explanation. ...

27 February, 2017
AirPods: Apple’s wireless headphones are finally available in all colors!

You want to buy AirPods but you do not necessarily want to have wireless headphones in white like all the others? And bah it falls well, a US site ...

23 February, 2017
Black Panther: An emblematic character back?

And if Black Panther signed the return of an emblematic character of the universe Marvel to the cinema?
The next production of the studios Marvel, ...

20 February, 2017
AirPods: What if the wireless headset turned black? #BlackPods

Want to shoot new AirPods? It's possible. BlackPods turns Apple's wireless headphones into black!
Lees AirPods leave no one indifferent. A success ...

3 February, 2017
Arrow: Return of SPOILER, Prometheus, the new Team … The best and the worst of 2016!

While Arrow Season 5 will not come back until 2017, let's get back together on the best and worst of 2016!
2016 was a busy year for Arrow! Indeed, ...

28 December, 2016
Super Dragon Ball: Episode 70, baseball time, our recap ‘!

Last off-set before a new arc with the revenge of the inter-universe tournament, but this time in baseball! Here is our recap 'episode 70 of Dragon ...

13 December, 2016