Is there an email address to ask Hollywood to stop these types of movies?

Cinema 2 March, 2017

Every week, new films are filled. This makes it a hundred per year. So inevitably, not all are masterpieces. Especially those genres.
Sometimes, by wanting to be creative, it becomes anything. And sometimes, when the original ideas repeat, it becomes heavy. So if we could forget these types of films for a while, it would not be a big loss.
A white who hires a black for an improbable job
The guy wants to chop the donzelle but has no experience. Neither instinct. Neither … nothing at all. Ok, it’s hard, I understand you want to improve. And who knows who is going to help her? The great and beautiful Will Smith. And you have “Hitch”. Doug is going to marry Gretchen, and it was unexpected. Asphalt, with glasses, nerd, he mug a beautiful blonde. But how to pretend to be cool? To invent a black friend for the wedding (cf “Witness to rent”). And to complete the loop, how to prepare to go into jail in the States (cf “Get Hard”)? Likewise, seek the help of a renoi who, already, has already been confronted (even on a combination of circumstances like here). Soapy slope guys.
The Bible, you know?
One can not discuss its influence on the world, it would be an incredible denial. And, after all, it can indeed give beautiful works, considering the dramatic material and the ideas conveyed. However, from there we focus on the maximum of events (“Exodus”), characters (“Noah”) … Or we make remakes of movies that were very good as they were (“Ben-Hur”) … We know that it is not beautiful but if you continue we will set quotas. It’s okay, we’re disconnecting. But be careful anyway.
Adam Sandler films his vacation
Lucid and honest, he even acknowledged himself during various interviews. Basically, it can be made of wheat by turning movies to the cunt, to laugh with his buddies and to move in cool places . So, yes, he does. And we would do it too. “Montagnes forever” (1 and 2), “Le mytho”, “Famille recomposée” … Comedies without pretentions, and fortunately because it is not folichon. And you lose 2 hours of your life. And 10 €.
Teenagers in love struggling for a better world … and impossible
Some will say that life is a bitch. Including the life that characters can expect in a film, in an imaginary society that prevents them from being happy . A counter-utopia called dystopia. If yes, you see what it is: “Divergente”, “The labyrinth”, “The ferryman” …
What if we were to make a Disney but with humans?
Perhaps it is a way of fighting unemployment? To preserve the contribution of the human against the invasion of the machines, the robotics, the digital to everything goes? Or just just redo the pony, easily. “Cinderella”, “The Book of the Jungle”, “The Beauty and the Beast” … When you see the trailer of the latter, you know that this is a remake of the animated film. And it will probably be pretty well done. The problem is that we do the same thing. Less surprise and originality for us, more comfort and money for Hollywood.
Mark Wahlberg replays history, and can change it
So there is choice, no stress. You can start with “Stalking in Boston,” in which the investigation of the two brothers who committed the attack during the Boston marathon in 2013. You want something at sea? So mate “Deepwater Horizon”, which looks back on the explosion of the said oil platform in 2010. Do you want something in the air? Patience, it could happen. For Mark Wahlberg explained oklm that with him, September 11 would not have happened : “If I had been on this plane with my children, he would not have crashed as he did . ” Let us admit. But there’s a question I’m asking: is he talking about what plane? And then it’s easy, eh, to swing that. With me, The RC Lens would be triple winner of the Champions League but they did not recruit me, so much the worse for them. Other things to add?