Super Dragon Ball: Episode 70, baseball time, our recap ‘!

Cinema 13 December, 2016

Last off-set before a new arc with the revenge of the inter-universe tournament, but this time in baseball! Here is our recap ‘episode 70 of Dragon Ball Super!

Sport is invited in DBS! We know several episodes focused on humor are currently broadcast on Japanese channel Fuji TV, one way to see the characters in a different light and have fun while remaining dan the Dragon Ball universe. Last week, it was a crazy crossover that was offered in episode 69 of Dragon Ball Super, with Arale fitter than ever. This week, it’s back to the forefront of the Champa team , one that had confronted our heroes in the tournament Gods of Destruction. And by way of contrast, nothing like a little baseball game!
For the occasion, Vegeta Goten and join the team of Champa, while this is Yamcha who is captain of the team Beerus. This was expected, the game quickly became the great anything! Transformation into Super Saiyan Blue, ki waves to stop the ball … all shots are allowed, almost! And it was also predictable, and Champa Beerus end up torn to pieces, and their battle threatens to destroy the Earth! Whis Vados and then intervene to calm things down, and disqualify the two gods brothers. But now, Yamcha has managed to reach its base to score a point, and it is in a well-known position of the fans, the same as when he was killed by a Sabaiman Nappa and Vegeta!
Vados declare the victory of the universe 7. Revenge will have to wait for Champa, who leaves with his team in its space cube. But next week is another member of the universe 6 we will find, with the assassination of Goku in episode 71 of Dragon Ball Super . Hit the powerful warrior who had fought our Saiyan in the final of the tournament, is back in a new arc. But it might not be very long, like the one that had taken us on the planet Potofu with copy-Vegeta . Then comes a long history, one does not know for now. Wait and see!