Super Dragon Ball: Episode 70, baseball time, our recap ‘!

Last off-set before a new arc with the revenge of the inter-universe tournament, but this time in baseball! Here is our recap 'episode 70 of Dragon ...

13 December, 2016
Super Dragon Ball: Decouvez the synopsis of episode 69 with Arale!

While arc Trunks just ended in Super Dragon Ball, episode 69 will incorporate a character of another manga that DBZ. Here is his synopsis, with all ...

24 November, 2016
Super Dragon Ball: Episode 67, a perfect ending, our recap ‘!

It's finish ! The arc of the future Trunks was completed in a very unexpected way, but it is ultimately the best that could end oj hope. Here is our ...

20 November, 2016
Super Dragon Ball: The titles of the episodes 68-71 announce a new arc!

DBS big Warning info! Super Dragon Ball titles of the next episodes come out, and the next arc is officially announced!

The post-arc reveals ...

18 November, 2016
Super Dragon Ball: Episode 66, unity is strength, our recap !

The episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super gathered many things that are the hallmark of the series, and we delivered an incredible fight. Here is our recap ...

14 November, 2016
Super Dragon Ball: Episode 65, a hopeless fight, our recap ‘!

Nothing seems to stop the fusion of Black and Zamasu, but hope remains enabled. Here is our recap 'of the episode 65 of Dragon Ball Super!

Who to ...

8 November, 2016