Super Dragon Ball: Decouvez the synopsis of episode 69 with Arale!

Cinema 24 November, 2016

While arc Trunks just ended in Super Dragon Ball, episode 69 will incorporate a character of another manga that DBZ. Here is his synopsis, with all the info!

dragon-ball-super-episode-69-episode-68-69Are you ready for some special edition? We got in the habit since the beginning of DBS, a few “special” episodes are aired between each big story arc of the series to bring the lightness that characterizes the original manga. It is never great moments, but it is true that after the dramatic atmosphere of the arc Trunks, which ended with episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super , a little humor does not hurt ! Thus, before the excitement generated by the explicit appearance of a character in the episode 43 of DBS, the writers decided to put the cover, and integrate over an entire episode. This is Arale , the main character of the manga Dr. Slump, written by Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball before the adventure . She will face Goku in episode 69 of DBS, in a fight that looks very nice! The synopsis of the episode was unveiled by the Weekly Shonen Jump, which also shared sketches of two characters that let you discover.
Here is the summary of the episode entitled “Arale Goku VS Earth destroyed in a crazy battle!?!” : “The episode will focus on an event called” World Invention Award “, awarded the world’s best inventions Les. leading scientists, including Bulma, are present at the ceremony. Goku works part-time as a security guard in the event, and Mr.Satan is the presentation. the award is given to Senbei Norimaki Penguin Village. While Norimaki presents his invention, Dr. Mashirito attack. Frustrated that he was not invited to the ceremony, it interrupts the ceremony, accompanied by Arale and Gatchan. ” As we can see, other character Dr Slump will invite in DBS, in an episode that looks funny and inventive. We can not wait to find out, as the next arc of Dragon Ball that was announced , which will stage the murderer of the world 6.