Super Dragon Ball: Episode 65, a hopeless fight, our recap ‘!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

Nothing seems to stop the fusion of Black and Zamasu, but hope remains enabled. Here is our recap ‘of the episode 65 of Dragon Ball Super!

dragon-ball-super-episode-65-episode-66-vostfrWho to stop? Last week in the episode 64 of Dragon Ball Super, both Zamasu merged to form a perfect being. And yes, in this new Zamasu, it has an infinite power and an immortal body! Facing him, Goku and Vegeta try to compete, but we feel that their opponent does not beat thoroughly. And as if to show that does not laugh in DBS, we show some human refugees in basements to be killed by the “sword of judgment” in Zamasu . Sad. The idea of the loss of hope in the face this enemy is invincible as interesting.
The role of Bulma is also important. Without it, the machine back in time – the only way for non-gods back in the present – would have been destroyed since longtemps.Par against one wonders just what comes to Trunks in the fight between the two and Zamasu saiyans. Okay it comes to help his father and their two Canon Garric is quite nice, but we realize that it will not be him who will overcome Zamasu . Pity. Otherwise, the attacks created by Zamasu diversified, preparing it in any case very future games-video Dragon Ball that will be happy to use them.
This episode, it keeps us in suspense from beginning to end, especially shows how the Zamasu threat is at its zenith. In the current situation, Goku and the others can not do anything, obviously. So we have to do as their opponent and create an ultra-powerful warrior . And it’s good, Kaio Shin (and especially its Potalas) is present. The return of Vegetto is thus announced in episode 66 of Dragon Ball Super whose trailer was unveiled. We can not wait!