Super Dragon Ball: New Arc announced the first information!

Cinema 14 December, 2016

The first teaser of the next arc of Super Dragon Ball just released, and announced many surprises and unexpected returns!
Finally the first information! Since the end of the rainbow Trunks in Dragon Ball Super, many questions were about the next story in the saga. The plot around Zamasu really launched DBS, the latter having put a lot of own ingredients to the saga. The next arc is highly anticipated, while in that time several episodes are broadcast special issue. We discovered a baseball game in episode 70 of Dragon Ball Super . If the next episodes will stage Hit, the assassin of the universe 6, it was well known that the new arc would emerge later. Well now, we now know that the new big story disembark from February 5, 2017! Even we know the title! It will be called “The survival of the universe,” which suggests that he will concern the famous tournament between the 12 universe proposed by the Supreme King Zeno.
Of course, nothing is certain yet, but the first images of the new bow show main character that will appear in the story. A team of well-known fighters in which we discover the brother of C-18, C-17, the cyborg! Anything that looks like a team created to defend the universe 7 in a huge tournament was held with the presence of Krillin (shaved), Roshi and especially Gohan! It looks like the son of Goku will finally come back strong in DBS, to our delight! All this puts us water at the mouth, and we remain very attentive to all the information that will fall on the new arc. In the meantime, know that a spin-off manga Dragon Ball centered Yamcha was created.