Super Dragon Ball: Episode 67, a perfect ending, our recap ‘!

Cinema 20 November, 2016

It’s finish ! The arc of the future Trunks was completed in a very unexpected way, but it is ultimately the best that could end oj hope. Here is our recap ‘of the episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super!

dragon-ball-super-episode-67-episode-68-69We waited a surprising end, we were not disappointed! The episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super , we just discovered, marked the end of the rainbow Trunks of the future, the best story – by far – since the beginning of DBS a year ago and a half. We will review soon, but the success of this arc comes mostly from the darkness of the plot , something we really expected. And for this final episode, the least we can say is that we stayed in the same tone! So Zamasu is indeed defeated by Trunks and sword Genkidama. Everyone thinks will be rid of a once and for all, but no. The Kaio Shin survived and merges with the entire universe! It’s a little big, but the consequences are disastrous: the world of Trunks is destroyed, and all people on Earth dies except our friends. First moment of emotion.
Goku then uses Zeno, but it is that the future of Trunks that appears and not the one we know. Logical and coherent. It does not like the new world order “Zamasu”, and decides to take it all away! We appreciate the rapid response Goku who quickly sensed the danger. The latter will then show us that it is decidedly smarter than he lets on appear. Brainstorm the Saiyan: keep his promise to Zeno to find a friend in bringing him … himself! Good Goku job. We learn also a very cool info: The high priest is the father of Whis! We would love to know more about these two in the suite. It seems that Trunks made a strong impression in Beerus and Whis, since it is they who will ensure that he and Mai could start in a future without Zamasu.
Finally all is well that ends well, and the episode offers us a lot in a short time, without dragging in length. It is far from the first DBZ anime! But then there against by two time who have tears in their eyes. We Firstly when Trunks farewell, Vegeta him balance punched his son blocks smiling . A very discreet way of saying basically: “I’m proud of you.” We love ! And then just after, a time perhaps even harder when Trunks sees Gohan, came goodbye. He thinks about his mentor, and begins to cry. We! It’s times like this that says that Gohan really miss DBS . Here, the arc Trunks ended with an episode that we really liked, as most of the “story. But other adventures await our hero, and it starts with the resurrection of Kaio in the episode 68 of Dragon Ball Super . see you next Sunday!