Super Dragon Ball: The titles of the episodes 68-71 announce a new arc!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

DBS big Warning info! Super Dragon Ball titles of the next episodes come out, and the next arc is officially announced!

dragon-ball-super-episode-67-episode-68-69The post-arc reveals Trunks! Right now in DBS, we are witnessing the last moments of history that we have held in suspense for many months. Indeed arc Trunks on the back of the future, written entirely by Akira Toriyama, should end with episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super which here is the trailer . If this story has partly helped the Dragon Ball saga to regain its former glory, it is expected more than ever to know what will happen next. Well now, the titles of upcoming episodes fell, and with them the theme of the next arc. First, we should see some humorous mini-stories that will succeed in Episode 68. This is called “Shenron Appears! Who owns this wish?” And should end permanently arc Trunks. Then, episode 69 will see the return of a well-known figure of the fans of the first hour! “Goku vs. Arale! Earth to the brink of destruction after battle?” We can not wait to see it!
In episode 70, it should still be fun, because here its title: “The challenge of Champa Let us fight with baseball.” Champa is back, in an episode that will be dedicated to the sport! And finally, the best for last is the title of episode 71, announcing the new arc , “Goku dies The assassination mission to be executed” . Who is this mysterious assassin? Do not look far, since the know! Indeed, here is the official announcement of the new arc: “Goku is in danger The most powerful assassin comes in the Universe 7 to kill Goku !! The murderer received an order from an unknown person?”. with the photo above, no doubt it is Hit, 6 of the universe, who will seek to kill Goku. For whose benefit? We can not wait to find out, even if this arc could be a transition story before the next major arc of Super Dragon Ball.