Super Dragon Ball: The whole team of the universe 7 unfolds on a first visual

Cinema 15 December, 2016

While the next arc of Super Dragon Ball has been officially announced, a first explosive poster has just been unveiled to announce the team that will defend the universe 7 during the inter-universe tournament!

It’ll be crazy! While DBS is currently in a period of break for short story and instead focused on humor, we looked forward to the announcement of the next big story for Goku and the others. This is now done, the new arc Super Dragon Ball was announced, and you released the first info . If it is strongly predicted that this arc would be dedicated to the great tournament between the 12 universe organized by the Supreme King Zeno, new information come almost confirm the information. Indeed, a first post the next was unveiled, and it comes with a revealing title: “The imminent departure strongest team of the Universe 7!” With that, we really had doubts! But then what makes us more impatient, this is the post that this entire team that will defend the colors of the universe 7!
Frankly, more difficult to cool. So let’s talk about some of this team. The Warriors are 10 in number, suggesting that as many as 120 fighters participate in the tournament! If logically include 4 of the 5 members of the team in the first Beerus tournament against the world 6 (Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Boo), we have the pleasure of seeing Krillin, his wife C-18, Tien Shinhan and even Roshi. But then where hype up a notch, it is with the return of C-17, the brother of C-18, especially Gohan! The young man left behind his green tracksuit to resume combat gear, and we love it. When the cyborg, it is clearly a surprise to find him there, although when thought about, his power makes it a logical participant in the tournament. The wait promises to be very difficult to start the arc, but in the meantime we will discover the murder of Goku in episode 71 of Dragon Ball Super.