Arrow: Return of SPOILER, Prometheus, the new Team … The best and the worst of 2016!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

While Arrow Season 5 will not come back until 2017, let’s get back together on the best and worst of 2016!
2016 was a busy year for Arrow! Indeed, between the end of season 4 which was extremely difficult for the nerves and the start of season 5 rich in rebound, Marc Guggenheim and his whole team tried to do everything to convince the fans. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of Stephen Amell was shocked by the mid-season finale of season 5 of Arrow , back to the worst and best moments of 2016. All of First, we had to mention the character of Laurel. Source of tears last May, the young woman had been assassinated by Damien Darhk leaving many fans of comics downright orphaned. So some of them were shocked to see that the series could get rid as easily of an iconic comic book character. And it must be said that the wife of Green Arrow is expected to be central in the adventures of the hero not like the others . Months later, a few viewers continued to shout loud and clear that Laurel deserved more of his place than Felicity. But while everything seemed lost, the beautiful Black Canary made a surprise comeback in the final mid-season. A way to save furniture in order to retain some disappointed fans or a new bounce full of charm? We will have to wait in order to have the heart of it!
But that’s not all, since Arrow has also distinguished itself by offering us intrigues that are sometimes unrealistic. Between Sara returning again from the dead to become one of the most iconic characters in Legends of Tomorrow or Felicity who was asking a microchip capable of doing the walk again, the series of the CW sometimes struggles to renew and Does not hesitate to settle in the whole and anything in order to fill certain episodes. But luckily, writers sometimes know how to make us fly. And this is the case with the new Big Bad of the series that is both mysterious and very powerful . Unlike Damien Darhk whose passage left us a taste of unfinished, we have to do to heavy this year. Let’s face it, Prometheus has tremendous potential and while we are desperately on the track of his true identity, he brought a breath of fresh air by pushing Oliver back into the field. For if the show remains uneven, the new characters have enough to challenge us as they are difficult to pin down. Like Evelyn Sharp who turned out to be in the Prometheus camp, Rory and Rene may just as well hide heavy secrets.
Moreover, the new season has greatly improved on romance since it decided to drop temporarily – or even indefinitely – the Olicity. A change very appreciated by the fans of the comics who still do not understand how the writers could imagine such a couple and put so much forward. And we will admit that since then, action has never been at the heart of this chapter. In the good points, it could also give the character of Curtis who took a crazy and terribly important in this heady late 2016. Lovely, smart, funny, loyal, Mister Terrific became a real asset and its presence is regularly essential . Yet one could still blame the screenwriters for being a little too predictable in their choices. We think of the close-up on the bottle of alcohol, the very changing personality of Susan Williams or the death of Billy Malone that we could see coming from very far away. One thing is certain, we hope that we will offer the series of magical moments in 2017. In the meantime more information, discover the secrets of Wendy Mericle about the future of Felicity in season 5 of Arrow on melty. What did you like and hate this year in Arrow?