MacBook Pro 2017: Price, features … Is there really a difference with the 2016 version?

Techno 13 June, 2017

Unveiled at the inaugural Keynote of the WWDC, the new MacBook Pro is a more muscular version of the 2016 version. And here is a comparison between the two laptops Apple.
Each time his MacBook. While the 2016 version of the MacBook Pro brought real changes to the headed computer with the appearance of the Touch Bar, the 2017 edition seems to be a major update. Aesthetically, nothing has changed on the new MacBook Pro that were formalized at the inaugural conference of WWDC 2017 . The big news is that Apple is now using Kaby Lake processors, more powerful graphics cards and 50% faster SSDs. By refreshing its Macs, Apple has also changed its prices and meltyStyle tells you more now.
The price of the MacBook Pro 13-inch of 2017 is rising, regardless of the configuration of the machine. The entry-level (without Touch Bar) is 1499 euros against 1449 euros last year. All the tariffs on the site of Apple increase by 50 €, except the first Touch Bar to 1999 euros whose price has not moved. As for the 15-inch version, the finding is almost the same. If the price of the entry-level has not changed, all models with Touch Bar are marketed 100 euros more expensive than in 2016. And this is explained in particular by a much more powerful GPU. But we still do not know why the MacBook Pro 2017 was rated badly by iFixit.