IPhone 7 Plus: More powerful than the Samsung Galaxy S8? A benchmark tie!

Techno 3 April, 2017

Has the Samsung Galaxy S8 managed to offer a flagship more powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus? A benchmark answers this question!
That Samsung offers a very powerful flagship, this is not surprising. But the question that aficionados arise is obviously if the latter is able to compete with Apple’s Phone 7 Plus. And even if a videographer has set out to compare the two (and especially the screen) , a new benchmark of AnTuTu officially makes it possible to know which smartphone dominates the other from a software and hardware point of view . The Samsung Galaxy S8, equipped with the powerful processor Exynos 8895, is essential to the output of this test with the score of 174155 . The iPhone 7 Plus, released last September, gets 173110 points. A very thin gap that may surprise a little bit.
And for good reason: Samsung has had much more time to develop its smartphone in front of an iPhone 7 Plus (available in RED version at Free Mobile with a free 4x payment and rental offer) available for several months. This is even more surprising when we know that the hardware of the Korean smartphone is much more advanced than that of the American ! Of course, there is a response to this minimal difference: the Apple OS, iOS, is much better optimized than that used by Samsung , Nougat Android. An operating system that only equips the firm’s products with the apple and allows the apple to have total control! What do you think of these results?