Apple: What if the iPhone made you zapper your MacBook for good?

Techno 19 April, 2017

If the iPad was announced as the replacement for the Apple Mac, the iPhone 7 Plus now has nothing to envy the 12-inch MacBook. So, does the headset smartphone really replace the computer?
For years, we have long talked about the iPad as the best alternative to the Apple Mac. But it must be admitted that the head tablet has not yet managed to make us zap the computer. At the latest news, Apple imagines a fusion between an iPhone and MacBook . But we can go further. In terms of raw performance, the iPhone 7 Plus does not have to blush before a high-end 12-inch MacBook . So, a nagging question arises: Can the Apple smartphone definitely replace the Mac? We will try to answer them in the next lines.
Over the course of the year, the performances of the iPhone have not stopped evolving. Thanks to its powerful mobile chip, the iPhone 7 crushes almost all the competition . But during that time, the performance of the Mac lost a bit of their superb. By the time the 2016 iPhone is as powerful as an entry-level MacBook, 2017 could be the year of the revolution at Apple including its iPhone anniversary. Well, high-end headphones are a little bit faster than the iPhone 7 for the heaviest tasks . But, the headed smartphone can already meet all our expectations.
Apple: What if the iPhone made you zapper your MacBook for good?
Can the iPhone really zap the MacBook? Samsung is succeeding this bet, with its brand new Galaxy S8. With the DeX, a dock that is sold separately , the smartphone can become a real desktop computer. But this function is primarily targeted at the professional market, so at meltyStyle, Apple is expected to find another solution that will delight its millions of fans . One thing is for sure, nothing stops the progress at Apple .