IPhone, iPad … Apple ready to go to the 4K!

Techno 10 March, 2017

Is Apple ready to switch to 4K? This is what recent rumors suggest. And with a premium compatibility for the next iPad and iPhone.
Apple may soon be skipping a technological step by offering the 4K for its iPhone and iPad. And for good reason: the manufacturer behind the graphics chips of the manufacturer for 10 years, Imagination Technologies , is currently working on a new architecture. An architecture that will offer the 4K for objects using the latter and which, if Apple remains faithful to the firm, will be proposed for the iPhone 8 (whose output could be postponed due to fingerprint recognition ) or future models Since 2018 is evoked by the many rumors … With the 4K, smartphones promise very heavy on the level of video.
Because we must not forget that the next iPad and iPhone would also have OLED screens , enhancing the quality of these at the level of the image. Mobile games, more and more democratized, would also gain 70 to 90% more performance without plumbing the autonomy of the device . Knowing that fast charging is also expected for the next Apple phone , will we soon be entitled to a smartphone capable of holding more than one day in full capacity? Finally, users can also expect HDR videos at 120 frames per second as well as support for virtual reality and augmented reality. What do you think of this news?