Apple, Samsung, Huawei: Which brand is the big winner of this 2016 Christmas?

Techno 28 December, 2016

The iPhone and iPad Apple made a cardboard Christmas. The American giant is followed closely by Samsung and Huawei, its main rivals in the market.
There are some days, meltyStyle made you share the Top 10 high-tech products that are sold on for Christmas . There were glasses for video games, drones and VR caques, among others. But these products are not the only ones to have been successful for the holidays of the end of the year … It is also the case of smartphones and tablets, which always constitute an excellent gift idea! Which manufacturer managed to pull his game? Like every year, Flurry Analytics counted the number of devices activated during the Christmas week, and shared the fruit of its investigations. And against all expectations, Apple is far ahead of Samsung and Huawei, its main competitors.

Apple arrives ahead of competitors
This year, it is the products Apple that have been the most successful Christmas. The US giant camps on the top step of the podium with 44% activated, iPhone and iPad alike . It nevertheless loses 5 points compared to the previous year, unlike Samsung which has progressed by more than one point. The South Korean manufacturer who works hard on his Galaxy S8 therefore comes second with 21%. Huawei is far behind with 3% of activated devices, followed by LG, Amazon, Oppo, Xiaomi and Motorola, each representing 2%. As you can see, Apple’s smartphones and tablets have (almost) always as much as the rib. Rendezvous next year to see if the trend has reversed or not. Have you received an Apple product at Christmas?