I tested the Bose QC 30, the kings of earphones for iPhone and iPad!

Techno 13 April, 2017

The Bose QuietControl 30 headphones made my ears happy. After an easy pairing on the iPhone 7 and / or the MacBook Pro 2016, I was able to test the new kings of noise-canceling headphones.
Bose regale with its anti-noise headphones and headphones. I had the opportunity to test the Bose QC30 with my iPhone 7. And frankly, I enjoyed myself. In terms of comfort, the new Bose headphones are perfect. You do not feel the neck or headphones, even when you fall asleep with. Beyond this good grip , the noise reduction is perfect. Not only is it convincing but it can also be adjusted as a simple volume . In other words, this noise reduction can also be modified to listen to the ambient sound.
Without having the ear of a great music lover, I quickly was seduced by the quality of the new headphones from Bose. There is no photo with the AirPods, for example. Resistant to perspiration, the Bose QC30 headphones can also be used during your sports sessions . But if you expected to shoot the REAL successor of the QC20 in wireless, the disappointment will be great. The QC30 are rather a more powerful version of the SoundSport wireless that has been tested and which brings the reduction of noise and a better autonomy
But I also found some flaws in Bose headphones. It all starts with the Bose application that makes it easy to pair your device. But apart from that, do not expect much from this app. It does not propose an equalizer for example and it is frankly a pity. Another blackhead is the absence of a jack that prevents the use of the helmet in an airplane seat. But overall, the Bose QC30 earphones are very appreciable. And you can get them by HERE , at the price of 300 euros