IPad mini: What if Apple stopped producing the tablet?

Techno 17 May, 2017

The future of the iPad mini seems uncertain at Apple. The Cupertino firm should even stop production of the smallest tablet in the range according to a source. What is it?
Since 2012, Apple had bet on a smaller version – and especially less expensive – of its iPad tablet. Named simply iPad mini, the product has had four generations, the last of which was released in 2015. Since then, it is true that its non-renewal surprised somewhat the world of high-tech and we even wondered about the end of the ” IPad mini 4, a few days ago . With the murmured arrival of a new iPad 10.5 inches to the next WWDC, the issue of the iPad mini is back on the mat. Our colleagues from BGR through their source close to Apple would have found the answer to our question. And it is radical. The iPad mini would simply not have a suite, Apple dropping its tablet well.
Still according to this source of BGR , the sales are “clear enough” not to clutter more with the iPad mini. Concretely, knowing that the tablets are currently suffering on this point, the iPad mini was no exception. In addition, the size (7.9 inches) would no longer be suitable. The arrival of the iPhone 7 More than 5.5 inches has hurt the tablet, the smartphone replacing perfectly the iPad mini. Apple should therefore focus more on the iPad 9.7 inches and the iPad Pro in the future. However, BGR tempers by explaining that all this could only be temporary. The site does not have the certainty that the end of the iPad mini is definitive. Too bad for the tablet that had real assets by offering an interesting alternative. Now you can fall back on the iPad version 2017 nicknamed the iPhone SE head tablets .