IPad 2017: 3 reasons to buy the cheapest tablet from Apple

Techno 12 April, 2017

The first iPad 2017 will impress you. Apple’s new tablet is full of fun features. And here are 3 things that will push you to shopper the last headed product.
The first iPad of 2017 throws. The first thing you want to do when you discover the screen of this 9.7% tablet is to use it as a video player to watch, for example, series in bed. Brightest ever, the Retina display has more than 3.1 million pixels for stunning photos and videos. So I installed myCanal and Netflix applications. Whether we look at Gomorra in VOD or a clip as crazy as Toka Fianso, the result is beyond my expectations. The colors are hallucinating and the screen adapts to all the conditions of brightness. But the screen is not the only asset of the new iPad.
His price
One of the big advantages of the iPad 2017 is undoubtedly its price. The new iPad from Apple is the cheapest of the entire range of tablets on the market. As a reminder, the old iPad 9.7 inches, which came out a year ago, had a starting price of 695 euros. But if Apple has lowered the price of its tablet, it is not that she changed strategy! Better, the Apple has not limited the performance of its iPad.
Whether learning to code with Swift Playgrounds, reading books on its big screen, increasing productivity with Microsoft Office and multitasking features like Split Screen or simply creating videos with the Clips app , The iPad can accompany you everywhere . Available in gold, silver and sidereal gray, the iPad is equipped with iOS 10.3, which offers more expressive and animated ways to communicate in Messages, new ways to use Siri with your favorite apps. In short, everything justifies the purchase of this new iPad, by ICI .