IPad 2017: 15 days to test the new Apple tablet, my verdict!

Techno 21 April, 2017

Apple launched, a few weeks ago, its cheapest tablet. This is the iPad 2017. I tested it and here is my verdict.
La Pomme never ceases to surprise us. At the end of March, the Cupertino company launched its iPad 2017. This headed tablet was delivered to us two weeks ago. And since then I have been able to personally watch videos, surf and learn on this head tablet thanks to the app MyScript Calculator. But the first thing I wanted to do, after unpacking this new 9.7-inch iPad, is to use it as a video player to watch, for example, series in bed . So I installed the myCanal app. The result is beyond my expectations.
Whether watching a VOD series or a UEFA Champions League game as good as Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, the colors are mind-blowing and the screen adapts to all the lighting conditions, from the sunny terrace To the room plunged into the darkness. The True Tone association and the Night Shift mode that was created to protect our eyes at night makes real wonders. The new 9.7-inch iPad features the brightest screen I’ve ever tested, any high-tech device combined.
I love it more than necessary, this iPad unfortunately did not allow me to replace my MacBook Pro. But who knows, the future iPhone may be able to zap our computer. And since the use of a tablet at the office or at the Fac is limited, in most of the time, to taking notes or surfing on the Internet then, the iPad 2017 is a real war machine. But that’s not all. The first iPad of the year also goes devilishly fast. Moving from one app to another is a real kif, it never seemed overdue on what I was asking. Whether you’re looking for a pair of sneakers on the SNS website or a shell on the Amazon app or the Fnac app, it’s the perfect tablet to heat the CB from its bed .
And as Apple put a lot on education and learning, the Californian giant did not do things half with his tablet. Whether learning to code with Swift Playgrounds, reading books on its big screen, increasing productivity with Microsoft Office and multitasking features like Split Screen or simply creating videos with the Clips app Which delights us with writing , the iPad can accompany you everywhere and meet your expectations . So you understood. Everything justifies the purchase of this new iPad whose price starts at 409 euros, by ICI.